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Reframe Health and Justice Consulting (RHJ) is a collective committed to developing and delivering holistic, harm reduction solutions to social injustices.
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As subject matter experts in harm reduction, sex worker rights and health, susbtance use, and anti-oppression, we provide customized training.


Our consultants have experience in facilitating process and goal-oriented meetings for organizations, collectives, and teams.


With networks across different social justice movements, we  develop learning-centered convenings that bring unlikely stakeholders together.


We work with groups to be more strategic in their programming and policy, including document production and executive coaching.


Kate D'Adamo

Kate D'Adamo

Kate D'Adamo is a long-time sex worker rights advocate with a focus on economic justice, anti-policing and incarceration and public health. Previously, she was the National Policy Advocate at the Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center focusing on laws, policies and advocacy focused on folks who trade sex, including thecriminalization of sex work, anti-trafficking policies, and HIV-specific laws. Prior to joining the Sex Workers Project, Kate was a community organizer and advocate with the Sex Workers Outreach Project and Sex Workers Action New York. In this role, she developed programming to promote community building, provided peer support and advanced political advocacy to support the rights and well-being of people engaged in the sex trade both on and off the job. She holds degrees from California Polytechnic State University and The New School.

Sasanka Jinadasa

Sasanka Jinadasa

Sasanka Jinadasa is a strategist in Washington, DC working to end the oppression and criminalization of people who experience stigma and violence. As a consultant, Sasanka has developed racial equity curricula, trained health departments on safer drug use, built capacity for nonprofits on reducing risks for people trading sex, and facilitated inter-movement conversations on healing justice, harm reduction, racial equity, and criminalization. They are committed to developing non-carceral solutions to addressing social injustices, particularly for Black and brown people, queer and trans people, women and femmes. Sasanka received their undergraduate degree in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality from Harvard University. 

Magalie Lerman

Justice Rivera

Justice (she/they) combines her personal and community organizing experiences with formal education to provide high quality customized support to health and justice systems.  Previously, Justice provided direct and in-direct services to people in the sex trade as Director of Outreach and Organizing at Prax(us) and people who use drugs as Development Director at the Harm Reduction Action Center in Denver, Colorado.  They supported governmental drug user health infrastructure development as the Drug User Health Fellow with the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors and, in addition to her role in Reframe, is currently writing a book about the need for non-carceral approaches to the sex trade. Justice received her BA in Self Determination and Social Change from the Metropolitan University of Denver.

Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:

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Shaan Michael Wade

Shaan Lashun

Shaan Lashun is a photojournalist and educator based in Washington, DC. As the founder of BROWNFXCK — a sex and pleasure education project for queer and trans people of color — Shaan links their interest in pleasure, sex consciousness, holistic wellness, and space-creation for queer and transgender people of color. Outside of this work, their most recent efforts include working with public health professionals to increase awareness of oppressive social experiences and develop a foundational capacity to address underprivileged communities in public health initiatives. They have also contributed to advocacy for the inclusion of transgender populations in interpersonal violence and reproductive justice movements.

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Sangam 'Alopeke

Sangam's greatest passion is health justice, with a particular focus on the impact of race and disability. Their lived experiences have underlined the profound inequities in these areas and informed their approach to disability rights. They have worked as a Deaf Advocate for the Disability Policy Consortium in Boston, where their particular focus was addressing barriers to accessing healthcare for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. For over a decade, they have been a peer educator in radical community health. As the current Ombudsperson for the Sex Worker Outreach Project, they approach conflict mediation with especial attention to the underlying power dynamics of those involved.

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Paula Graciela Kahn

Paula Graciela Kahn is a migrant justice advocate-social worker, consent & anti-oppression educator, conflict-mediator, and performance artist. She has previously designed and implemented consent, anti-oppression, and decolonization pedagogy for the Berkeley Student Cooperative, CODEPINK, and Freedom for Immigrants. She is co-producer of The People's Tribunal on the Iraq War and has assisted Freedom For Immigrants initiate and implement their National Hotline and Bond Fund. Paula co-founded Cosmovisiones Ancestrales, envisioning popular access to preventative healthcare, treatment for PTSD, and building bridges between indigenous and Afro-descendant populations, researchers, and policy makers for culturally respectful and ecologically sustainable consumption. Paula studies and designs frameworks for processes of historical memory, accountability, reparations, demobilization, disarmament, reintegration, reconciliation, and transformative justice. 


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