About RHJ

Reframe Health and Justice supports organizations and movements in deepening their practices of care, compassion, and collaboration.

Guided by the principles of healing-centered harm reduction we help organizations with heart live into their missions through:

Organizational strategy and planning
Capacity building for service providers
Policy and advocacy
Tools for movements

We envision

a world that values collective and community care in balance with individual autonomy and wellbeing. We believe in justice over punitive control and abundance beyond survival.

Our role

in social change as a collective of consultants is unique. We want to support the amazing work that organizations are doing by providing the tools that facilitate, but do not duplicate, their work. We draw on our own lived experiences, as well as our backgrounds in community-based organizing and service provision and our own lived experiences.

As an independent collective, we value the ability to pivot in response to shifting social dynamics, connect between aligned movements, and share cutting-edge concepts between spaces.

As consultants, we’ll partner with you to:

  • Integrate racial equity and justice (as race moves with class and gender) in your organization’s policies and programs. 
  • Bring together the work of harm reduction and anti-violence, including state and interpersonal violence. We take a comprehensive approach to harm reduction with a focus on women and femmes, broadening the scope of where people encounter harm, and using ((comprehensive)) approaches to address it.
  • Discuss the overlaps and divergences of harm reduction and anti-violence, including the harms of criminalization and state violence.
  • Theorize, pilot, and evaluate trauma-informed  internal policies for your organization which focus on transformation and accountability instead of punishment or exclusion.
  • Develop and offer a policy analysis rooted in anti-criminalization frameworks.
  • Evaluate the impacts of policy, programs, and practices on all people who trade sex and their communities.
  • Advance integration and prioritization of community-led, community-informed programming in social services and public health.
  • Coordinate aligned movement spaces and actors to better collaborate and inform each other’s shared goals.
  • Create strategic plans for organizations looking to expand their scope to new communities and address gaps in service.
  • Facilitate webinars, workshops, and trainings with a trauma-informed, healing-centered lens.

Bios and Specialities

We take contracts individually and collectively. We all work across portfolios but have divided our work into leads for client's convenience.

kate - RHJ consultant

Kate D’Adamo // Policy & Advocacy

Hi, I’m Kate (she/they) and I’ve primarily worked under the broad, red umbrella of sex worker rights. This has been rooted in both community organizing and peer-developed programming, and through direct service providers supporting sex workers, and people experiencing trafficking and exploitation in other industries. I’ve been a community organizer with the Sex Workers Outreach Project and Sex Workers Action New York, as well as navigated systems for survivors of violence with Give Way to Freedom. This has given me a unique perspective on service provision for people who trade sex, and a deep understanding of many of the barriers faced when trying to access support - both institutional and interpersonal. Through this work, I’ve also been able to focus on coalitional advocacy, changing and addressing laws and policies on the city, state and national level, and was the National Policy Advocate at the Sex Workers Project. In the last few years, I’ve been working on the federal level and was lucky enough to be a co-founder of Survivors Against SESTA, which culminated planning the country’s first sex worker advocacy day on the Hill, bringing sex workers from around the country to meet with representatives and talk about their experiences. I also have degrees from California Polytechnic State University and The New School.

My speciality area at Reframe is working on policy and advocacy - and especially sharing what I’ve learned with more folks on the ground. It can be really challenging to sit in a room as the person without a law degree, but the closest knowledge of the topic at hand. I’m most excited when I’m helping people re-contextualize the skills they’ve developed and teaching how to figure out the rest of it to move forward a new campaign or fight a proposed law.

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sasanka  - RHJ consultant

Sasanka Jinadasa // Organizational Strategy, Facilitation & Curriculum Development

Hello! I’m Sasanka (they/them) and I’m based in Durham, NC. For the past seven years, I have focused on creating organizational cultures that are more generous with their resources, more accountable to their communities, and more practiced in challenging injustice. I am committed to developing anti-carceral solutions to address conflict and violence. Some of my consulting projects have included: developing racial equity curricula for health departments, coaching nonprofit staff on accountability, building capacity for nonprofits on addressing trauma, and facilitating inter-movement conversations on harm reduction, racial equity, and (de/anti)criminalization. I have been primarily trained in harm reduction, public health, and studies of racialized gender and sexuality. I received my Masters in Public Health, focused on Addiction and Overdose as well as Health Finance and Management, from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

At Reframe, I tend to lead projects that focus heavily on curriculum development, resource creation, and/or organizational strategy. I also facilitate conversations related to strategic decision-making and support people in working through values-based conflicts. As an experienced trainer, I love partnering with harm reductionists to make their training and toolkits more effective for the communities they hope to serve. 

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justice - rhj consultant

Justice Rivera // Capacity Building & Communication

Hola, I’m Justice (she/they, ella/elle). I’ve been working at the intersection of social justice and public health since 2010 when I became a peer outreach worker and community organizer with Prax(us). There, I formed my anti-oppression and harm reduction orientations working with street-based youth in their teens and twenties vulnerable to/ or experiencing exploitation. I joined the Sex Worker Outreach Project’s Denver chapter and advanced to Co-Director. In 2014, I transitioned to working at Denver’s largest syringe access program, the Harm Reduction Action Center, and received my BA in Self Determination and Social Change from the Metropolitan University of Denver. One year later, I moved to Washington DC to become NASTAD’s inaugural Drug User Health staff where I helped advance federal drug policy reform and HIV/HCV appropriations. I also fell in love with training nonprofits and service providers. I began consulting on decarceration initiatives in 2016, then co-founded Reframe Health and Justice in 2018 to continue supporting organizations reaching towards racial equity, compassionate care, and comprehensive systems. I am currently publishing a memoir and accompanying anthology on rights-based approaches to sex work, sex trafficking, drug use and healing that I wrote as part of my 2019/2020 Open Society Foundation Soros Justice Media Fellowship. Look for Trigger Warning and the Trigger Warning Anthology in 2022. 

At Reframe, I like to lead projects focusing on capacity building assistance, training, facilitation, community-based research, and program development. I love multi-faceted projects where I can work with the community and help make a community-wide impact. I love public speaking and communications ranging from messaging to resource development. In the past few years, I’ve trained hundreds of clinicians, service providers, students, and lawyers on sex worker health and rights, amongst other topics (see our training topics under the Client Services tab). Some of my other consulting projects have included: analyzing anti-trafficking policies and programming, researching the syringe access funding landscape, supporting racial equity within reproductive care, and facilitating a leadership development and networking cohort of BIPOC harm reductionists.

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