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Safety and Harm Reduction on D17

keeping sex workers safe must be a community priority; for safety tips, go to:

On December 17, the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, communities around the world are coming together to honor those in our community whose lives have been taken by violence. Over the last year, our community has faced unprecedented attacks, both from institutional forces which compromise our safety and well-being or individuals seeking to undermine our ability to define what violence for sex workers means. In the face of these harms, it has never been more important to find solidarity and safety in community. Below are some of our favorite harm reduction tools and resources that we have found over the years for people who trade sex in a range of venues and circumstances.

And above all else, please remember: no matter what, if you can’t or choose not to screen, if you take a risk, if you are using, if you go against your gut — Victimization is not your fault. If you want support, please reach out to the HIPS hotline, ​​1 (800) 676–4477, or the SWOP Behind Bars hotline, 877–776–2004 (x 1).

Screening 101 for Working Online, from SWOP Chicago

Tricks of the Trade: Health and Safety on the Job, Specific to Engaging in Street-Based Work, L Synn Stern

Spotting Bad Management, from SWOP Chicago

Harm Reduction and Sex Work: Ask Ms. Harm Reduction, regular column on Tits and Sass

St. James Infirmary’s Occupational Health and Safety Handbook (3rd. Ed)

Safety Planning with Sex Workers, National Domestic Violence Hotline

Safe Calls, Screening and the Buddy System for Sex Worker Safety from the x-talk Project

Arrest and Emergency Worksheet from SWOP-NYC (pdf)

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